Get to Know Sustainable Furniture, For a Better World

Sustainable Furniture

Sustainable furniture is no stranger to designer products and craftsmen. However, there are still frequent misunderstandings about this sustainability. There are still many people who still don’t really understand and understand what sustainable design is.

However, what is the correct meaning of the word ‘sustainable‘? Sustainable is a biological system that is still able to support biodiversity and productivity without limits. In a simpler sense, Sustainable is the ability to survive indefinitely.

Here About Sustainable Furniture

Why should this sustainability be applied in designing a piece of furniture? In order for the designs created to last for a long time, the designs created can solve problems so that they are truly made according to the existing constraints, and have a good impact on the world.

Low Impact Material

Viola Rattan Kids Vanity
Viola Rattan Kids Vanity

The use of materials that are non-toxic and produced in an environmentally friendly manner. Low Impact Material is classified as waste that has been recycled, reclaimed. An example is wood that has been managed sustainably. One of them is rattan furniture. Because the raw material for rattan is an abundant natural material and the life cycle process does not require a long time. So the use of rattan as a raw material for furniture, can be called environmentally friendly. Besides rattan, we also have water hyacinth furniture, where water hyacinth plants can be considered as waste in swamps. For that we use it as water hyacinth furniture that has a unique impression.

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Quality and Durability

Bobi Rattan Living Furniture Set
Bobi Rattan Living Furniture Set

Quality and durability means that the product has a long service life so that it can reduce maintenance or replacement. That way, a product will last for an indefinite time and can have a good impact on users. You don’t need to change furniture for a long time, so you will also save money.

Energy efficiency

The use of products that do not require large amounts of energy. Energy efficiency is an effort made with the aim of reducing the amount of energy needed, in using an equipment or even an energy-related system. For example, installing fluorescent lamps (fluorescent lamps), LED lamps or natural skylights can reduce the amount of energy required to achieve the same level of illumination compared to using incandescent lamps.


Chamfer Wicker Living Set
Chamfer Wicker Living Set – made from seagrass

Renewability is the materials used are taken from the closest area, made from renewable resources. Renewability means that the product made can be renewed again with the same material and finishing without having to use new materials. In coastal areas there are usually many wild plants such as sea pandanus. Residents around the coast usually use this wild plant as a material to make furniture. Make no mistake, seagrass furniture can be transformed into charming furniture. Can be used to make sofas, chairs, cabinets and beds.

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Recycle / Reuse

Kaller Rattan Living Room Furniture Set
Kaller Rattan Living Room Furniture Set

Recycle is a product that uses sustainable use at the end-use or end result. Recycle is one of the solid waste management strategies which consists of sorting, collecting, processing, distributing and manufacturing used products/materials, and the main component in modern waste management and the third part in the 4R waste hierarchy process (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recycle). An example of recycled furniture is reclaimed teak furniture which has a unique and rustic impression. In addition, there are also wooden furniture from the former boat. In coastal areas, a lot of used boat logs are no longer used, and are usually dismantled and used to make home furniture. This furniture is known to be strong and durable.

Hopefully this education about sustainability can be useful for you and can have a good impact on others. To see a collection of sustainable furniture you can click on our product page. You can ask questions directly with our marketing staff by clicking the contact us page or by clicking the live chat button in the lower right corner.

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