Getting to Know The Quality of Wood Rattan Furniture Manufacturer from Indonesia

Wood Rattan Furniture

Considering wood rattan furniture to beautify the interior and exterior is a trend. Nowadays, people are interested in this furniture because of its natural characteristic which offers an eco-friendly side, cost-effectiveness, and the aesthetic of nature that is usually offered by solid wood furniture.

Wood rattan is grown well under good control in Indonesia. Some farms will sell it to Indonesia furniture manufacturer, because rattan production is high to export. This is also a good chance for wholesalers and retailers to join the business since rattan furniture is profitable in the furniture industry.

The Quality of Wood Rattan Furniture from Indonesia

Good function for furniture

Rattan from Indonesia has superior characteristics where the function of the furniture can be so flexible. This is why many craftsmen will design this wood into many types of furniture, from dining sets, living sets, chairs, cabinets, baskets, etc. With many functions, this is already a good side for the furniture market.

Globally, rattan furniture is familiar to many people. Wholesalers and retailers will not find it hard to promote furniture made from rattan. This helps the business to engage with many customers without explaining much. Yet, you have to import from the best Indonesia furniture factory to ensure its best quality.

Flexible style

Furniture with a flexible style is important. Rattan wood furniture can fit many concepts because it sometimes screams traditional style and modern style. The main nuance of rattan furniture is back-to-nature and simplicity. This is a good side for retailers to sell because many homeowners love this concept.

The furniture made from rattan no longer shows a rural appearance like it used to be. Nowadays, houses with ultra-modernism concepts use solid wood and rattan items as their main decorative stuff. Displaying rattan can spread a warm atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. This flexibility is such a great value that our company offers.

The people in the US mainly love the concept of gentleness and elegance which are brought by rattan furniture. This is not something new, and rattan makes good sales. Wholesalers and retailers in the US can sell furniture made from rattan as long as they come from a trusted wood furniture manufacturer.

Durability of rattan from Indonesia

Rattan Indonesia is a company that can promise the durability of the rattan. Our craft still relies on traditional methods, yet it ensures the quality of the wood rattan furniture. The material is raw and managed to be furniture immediately without mixing it with other materials. It makes the lifespan longer, even after a century.

However, it also depends on how you use and place the rattan furniture in your house. The durability is affected by the maintenance. Rattan does not need extra care, but the cleanliness of the environment should be a concern. For example, wood wicker patio furniture that is usually placed outside should be cleaned regularly.

In general, natural rattan furniture from Indonesia is weather-proof and bug-proof. Our company ensures that the rattan will not get weaker which may change the structure and the design. The homeowners can maintain the furniture by wiping the rattan from debris and dust. Since it is easy, wholesalers and retailers can easily sell the furniture.

Perfect options for outdoor

The outdoors is a sensitive location to place furniture such as wood rattan bench and wood rattan coffee table. It is because the weather is hard to predict and some rain can bring damage to the furniture. Rattan is a different case because it withstands hard weather, both cold and hot weather.

Placing rattan furniture outside for the garden, patio, or terrace of your place either a cafe, hotel, or house can be a good option instead of other materials. This is such a good option because rattan does not need extra care unless it is from dust and debris. For furniture in business places, you can rely on rattan materials.

Wholesale and retail markets have already trusted Rattan Indonesia as the best supplier to the United States market. Our company supplies the best furniture made from rattan, and we have perfect options for the theme, either private or business place. The furniture can enhance the mood of the place for a long time.

Artistic design

Another reason for choosing wood rattan furniture from Indonesia is its artistic design. The design is hard to follow because Indonesia has a traditional sense that the craftsmen will pour into their work. This is such a good side of importing rattan furniture from Indonesia. It is unique and the warm nuance echoes the space.

This is the value of Indonesian production that Rattan Indonesia keeps. All furniture is handmade, which becomes the main reason for buyers’ purchase. Even so, the buyers can customize the rattan furniture they are going to place in their business or private spaces. Wholesalers and retailers have a good chance as our bridge to the customers in the US.

Since the design is a bit complex, we allow our partners to order with a minimum of 1×20 ft containers. It is a good opportunity for our reseller because this minimum order can be a flexible offer instead of a minimum quantity. The shipping is under guarantee that the rattan furniture will be in a safe space inside the containers.

Lower price

Our wood rattan furniture has a lower price compared to other rattan furniture from other countries. The main reason is the origin of the rattan itself where Indonesia can self-produce the rattan. The nation does not import raw materials. Rattan is well-grown in different islands such as Sulawesi, Java, and Kalimantan.

Though the price of raw materials is affordable, the quality of rattan from Indonesia is not questionable. Indonesia produces the best quality rattan in the world that can be designed into wood rattan cabinet. Since its durability is very high, wholesalers and retailers from many countries are ordering from Rattan Indonesia.

Safely shipped

We promise to deliver our goods in good condition after they arrive in your country. Wholesalers and retailers will not experience removing the damage because of shipping. Our furniture is wrapped safely in the containers. It is our method to ensure the quality where the furniture arrives without damage for retail and wholesale.

Wood rattan furniture from Rattan Indonesia is of high quality. It can last longer even after fifty years as long as the homeowners are willing to clean the furniture from dust and debris regularly. Our company can export to the United States only in 1×20 ft containers for minimum orders that will grow your retail and wholesale in the furniture section.