Tips for choosing eco-friendly furniture

Choosing eco friendly furniture

Protecting the earth from natural damage can start at home. Not only reducing plastic waste, the choice of home furniture can also reduce the risk of environmental damage. Several furniture manufacturer have echoed environmentally friendly furniture in their products. Then as home owners, we also need to know what aspects need to be considered when choosing eco-friendly or eco-friendly furniture.

Here are six tips for choosing eco-friendly furniture


Indonesia Rattan Furniture Wholesale
Indonesia Rattan Furniture Wholesale

Nothing wrong with using other materials instead of wood. One of them is natural rattan which has a look that is no less beautiful than wood. Rattan is an eco-friendly material choice because rattan is relatively easy to plant and grow, so that rattan tree regeneration takes place faster than wood trees.

Eco-Friendly Wood

Lovely Wooden Dining Set
Lovely Wooden Dining Set

The meaning of eco-friendly wood here is certified wood originating from responsibly managed forests. This means that forest managers will replant the forest when the trees are used to make furniture. Good furniture manufacturers usually have a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood logo complete on the raw materials they use.

Recycled wood can also be an option. Used furniture that has been refinished or furniture made from used wood frames has an eco-friendly value because it uses existing wood without cutting down trees.

Recycled Material

Samosir recycled teak chair and table
Samosir recycled teak chair and table

Furniture from used items such as tires, drums, to containers can also be an option for eco-friendly furniture. Furniture from recycled materials is also suitable for those of you who want to bring an Industrial concept to a room in your home. Furniture manufacture from recycled materials is usually done on a custom basis, so you can adjust the shape and size to suit your interior needs and tastes.

Can be disassembled

Furniture that can be disassembled will make it easier for you when you have to move house. Furniture can also be reused in a new home without the need to replace it with a new one. Disassembling furniture also reduces the carbon emissions released when bringing furniture from the store to the house. For furniture that cannot be disassembled, you need to rent a special truck to take it home, while if the furniture can be disassembled into a more compact size, you can bring it home yourself.

Safe Finish

Choose furniture with environmentally friendly finishing, one of which is water-based finishing or what is called water-based finishing. In addition to being environmentally friendly, water-based finishing is also relatively safer for the health of the occupants of the house because it contains less harmful chemical additives.

Less is More

Tips that are no less important when choosing eco-friendly furniture are thinking less is more or putting things to a minimum for maximum function at home. The application of less is more can be done by replacing the role of one piece of furniture with another. For example, replacing the side table with a stool. That way when you need an additional bench, the stool can be used.

Those are six tips for choosing eco-friendly or environmentally friendly furniture. You can visit Indonesia rattan for information about other furniture. There are also various inspirations for kid’s furniture and indoor rattan furniture that can help you realize your dream home.