Supplying Wood Rattan Furniture for Wholesale and Retailer from Indonesia Manufacture

Wood Rattan Furniture

One of the most promising businesses is selling wood rattan furniture that can be exported to retailers and wholesalers all over the world. Find out more about our products here.

Indonesia is a well-known country that produces furniture with a high-quality output. There are many wood options to produce, and one of them is wood rattan furniture. Rattan is an aesthetic wood and durable can be produced in many types of furniture.

Furniture manufacture Indonesia is established in many areas where the crafts are made by the artists to create good-quality furniture. The quality can pass export standards which makes it possible for business owners from overseas to be retailers. Find out what furniture from rattan that can be exported.

The Types of Wood Rattan Furniture to Supply for Retailers and Wholesale

Rattan Sofa

Indonesia furniture manufacturer sells rattan sofa which looks more unique than other types of sofas. It is usually a simple design with a pillowy part. The rattan sofa is different because this craft is made from natural fiber material and natural rattan. Some designs are available and you can customize them.

The available ones are wicker couches, a love seat, a 2-seater, 3-seater, a corner set, a daybed sofa, and an L-shape which is framed by rattan. These wood rattan furniture are made carefully, so the design is safe to use, and its durability takes years. Thus, it can bring charm to the exterior and interior.

Our rattan sofa does not only fit the concept for a private house, but also cafes, restaurants, and hotels. For those public spaces with a natural theme, rattan furniture gives better value and impression. Our items have been durable for years, and retailers and wholesalers do not need to worry about them.

Dining Set

Katina teak wood dining set
Katina teak wood dining set

Dining sets have become more popular in the US, and some people choose aesthetic and natural materials to decorate their interiors. One of the best options is made by Indonesia furniture factory where the main materials are made from rattan and other high-quality fiber.

The collection from Indonesia rattan is very safe to use and has been standardized. Rattan material is eco-friendly for your save-environment mission. Thus, the design is mixed with other materials, such as glass for the top of the table. It has many models, yet can be customized.

The dining set from our company is natural and luxurious. Therefore, our furniture can fit many house concepts for the house in the US and Europe. It is a promising business for furniture retailers and wholesalers because the items are attracting the attention of many homeowners overseas.

Drawers and Cabinets

Sagara Wooden Sideboard
Sagara Wooden Sideboard

Rattan Indonesia is a furniture company in Indonesia that can supply drawers and cabinets made from rattan in bulk-buying. There are many selections, starting from cupboards, drawers, side cabinets for beds, low TV stands, shelves, rattan racks, bookshelves, wardrobes, and hanging racks.

Those furniture items can be exported safely to the US with safe packaging to keep their quality until the end-user. The company can supply for retailers and wholesale with minimum orders. These items are easy to sell since Indonesia itself has been known as a high-quality rattan producer in the world.

Rattan Living Set

Katina Wooden Living Set
Katina Wooden Living Set

The living set adds charm to the house. Since people in the US are starting to decorate their interior and exterior, living sets are the items they want to add to the space. Wood rattan furniture gives an extraordinary touch to private and business spaces because of its natural colors and pattern.

The wood furniture manufacturer creates this craft with a modern design and natural touch. The rattan quality that is used for making furniture is the highest, and they were bent into different designs and patterns. At the same time, the furniture convinces people to decrease their carbon footprint.

Most living sets from Rattan Indonesia have vintage finishes that can be a perfect option for a patio, terrace, or living room. Our company helps retailers and wholesalers to adjust the concept of living according to the preferences of US people. We welcome the request for a customized living set.

Pet Furniture

Rattan Dog Bed
Rattan Dog Bed

Many people in the United States love pets, and they can have more than one pet at home. It is a chance for wholesalers and retailers of furniture to introduce further wood rattan pet furniture. The uniqueness of rattan and teak wood furniture is attractive and gives a warmer ambiance.

Rattan is safe for pets because it does not get mildew easily with our craft system and principle to export to others overseas. Pet furniture is a new business that can be promising because rattan material is eco-friendly. Even so, it does not get damaged in a short time.

Rattan tables

Rattan Table
Rattan Table

Tables made from rattan are flexible. The material is perfect for dining tables, coffee tables, console tables, side tables, and even extendable tables. The design of the table is modern with a vintage vibe because our items hold the principles of nature and originality. This concept would fit any house concept in the US.

The rattan tables from our company are carefully constructed. The water-based system is the principle that we hold to ensure the safety and durability of rattan tables. With a diverse range of rattan tables, we can export 1×20-foot containers with mixed table types for wholesale and retail.

Rattan armchair

Chicago wood rattan arm chair
Chicago wood rattan arm chair

The collection of rattan armchairs from our furniture factory in Indonesia has many designs and types. The armchairs are perfect for the living room, patio, terrace, and other places that need chairs for the homeowners. Some chairs were designed to relax and to adjust the habits of people in the US.

Among all furniture that are on sale, rattan armchairs are sold the most since they are flexible to place in any room at home. Thus, rattan armchairs will follow the nuance of the room even without repainting the color. Though homeowners replace the concept, the armchairs fit the nuance.

For the retailers and wholesalers, we can export the armchairs made from rattan without minimum quantities. It is only a 1×20-foot container, so retailers and wholesalers can mix the products to resell in the US.

We welcome wholesalers and retailers from the United States who want to order our wood rattan furniture. Our company has worked for decades with people who have a good craftsmanship principle that our products are always the best in quality. Contact us to order and other inquiries about the products.