Teak Rattan Furniture

In the world of furniture, the fusion of wood and rattan creates a harmonious symphony that resonates with timeless elegance and unwavering durability. Crafted with precision, wood rattan furniture seamlessly marries the warmth of solid wood with the intricate patterns and flexibility of rattan. Each piece tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship, where the robustness of wooden meets the artistic expression of rattan weaving.

This product category contains all furniture made from a combination of wood and rattan. The difference with existing categories is that in the wood rattan furniture category, wood is more dominant than rattan. Rattan material is used only for decorating furniture. Of course, this furniture has a stronger construction. The wood we use is varied and has several grades. The wood we use for materials is teak of various grades, mahogany, merbau, teak branch, and according to our customers’ requirements.