Indonesian Furniture is Not Inferior to Furniture from Europe and United States

Indonesian Furniture - Rosie wicker living set

Many people think that furniture from Indonesia is inferior in quality to furniture from United States or Europe. However, this assessment is very subjective. Because at this time, the development of Indonesian furniture is very advanced and is not inferior to those from United States and Europe. It is no longer a secret that the quality of Indonesian furniture is not inferior in class to that in America and Europe.

Many of our furniture, especially furniture, is in great demand by foreigners. Although our furniture market share is faced with free market competition, our furniture still has a place in foreign countries. Furniture that is in demand by America, Europe, Australia and even Africa includes household equipment such as chairs, tables, beds, cabinets and others that support daily activities and provide a sense of comfort for life.

Indonesian furniture comes in variety materials and models

Bastian Rattan Dining Set
Bastian Rattan Dining Set

This home furniture can be made of plastic, metal, bamboo, wood, natural rattan, natural fiber materials and so on. However, furniture for artistic products which are usually made of selected wood with attractive textures and colors that are done with a smooth finish are the eyes of furniture connoisseurs from various countries.

Prospective buyers, from European and American countries can transact directly with marketing staff, without intermediaries if interested in the products on our website. They can also order as desired for the furniture product in question. Some of the keys to success so that furniture can sell well abroad are quality and design.

We as exporters and furniture manfaturer must understand the tastes of furniture importers from big countries such as America, Germany, Japan, Australia, England and even from South Africa. Furniture that enters the market must be of high quality, durable, and competitively priced.

The advantages of Indonesian furniture

Natali Wooden Barstool
Natali Wooden Barstool

Moreover, we have a lot of the best quality wood as a tropical country. The craftsmen of furniture products from natural fiber materials do not need to bother with the materials they need because our nature has provided them in abundance.

Indonesian furniture not only has high quality, unique design, and is environmentally friendly, but is worthy of competing in the European market. Indonesian furniture, especially wooden furniture, has an advantage because there is an SVLK (Wood Legality Verification System) agreement between Indonesia and the European Union that allows wood.

With this special permit, Indonesian furniture entering the European Union does not need to pass a fit and proper test so that it can save time and money. This makes the attention of furniture makers to furniture protection becomes important. Although the price is relatively more expensive than other home products, but because our furniture has unique characteristics, it can be used for a long time.

Meanwhile, furniture products from America and Europe are of unquestionable quality and are all wow. However, most of the raw materials for furniture come from Indonesia. What you need to pay attention to is the quality. By improving the quality and design of Indonesian furniture, the trust of furniture connoisseurs will be higher.

The question is, is Indonesian furniture better?

The quality and design of European and American furniture have very high value. But the quality and design of Indonesian furniture is currently very competitive. All good, depending on our interests and tastes. The choice is up to us.