South Korean Style Interior for Modern Home

Korean interior style for modern home

K-pop culture has indeed been loved in the world for the past few years. The role of culture does not only affect people’s musical and culinary tastes, but also influences home design trends. Korean-style interior design is now increasingly favored because the concept is simple and makes the house more contemporary.

Tips to create Korean style home interior

If you are really interested in adopting a Korean home-style interior design to beautify your home, then you must prepare the concept carefully. Some of these tips will help you create a modern Korean-inspired home.

Furniture with soft colors

Natural color furniture
Natural color furniture

One of the characteristics of Korean-style furniture is furniture that has soft and bright colors. We recommend that you choose furniture with natural colors. Or if you are bored with natural furniture colors, you can choose furniture in white or furniture in pastel colors. To maximize furniture with South Korean style, you can add bright light in your home.

Floor as a Center for Home Activities

Floor as home activities center
Floor as home activities center (source : Unsplash)

The concept of living in Korean society is almost the same as Japanese culture. Many activities are carried out on the floor of the house. Therefore, the floor of the house must be designed as much as possible to support your comfort during activities. In addition to relying on the installation of wooden floors, you can also install carpets, short tables, and various other accessories. A comfortable floor will allow you to move freely throughout the day while at home.

Aesthetic bookshelf

Liam Rattan Bookshelf
Liam Rattan Bookshelf

Advances in technology should not reduce interest in reading. You can also imitate the habits of Korean people who like to read. This craze seems to have an impact on the typical Korean interior, which often makes eye-catching bookshelves an attractive design for a room. However, you should have a bookcase that is large enough to be equipped with a table and chairs to support reading activities in the room. This uniqueness will make the interior feel of your home so different from other houses.

Open Space Concept

Room or interior design from Korea is also synonymous with the concept of a room that is minimal in bulk. Not only does it make the Korean style more authentic, the open space concept is also the right choice for a small house. You can combine two or three rooms into one, for example uniting a family room and dining room. Make sure that all the items in your house are neatly arranged so that the open plan concept does not make the interior seem cramped.

Simple Color Blend

Simple Color Blend
Simple Color Blend (source : Unsplash)

Another characteristic of Korean-style house designs is a simple color combination. Usually the combination of colors in the interior of the house is no more than three so as not to seem excessive. For example, you can combine white, gray, and light brown or white and peach. The color combination of this design makes Korean-style interiors always attractive and never out of date.

Use of Bright Wooden Floors and Furniture

Bright wooden floor
Bright wooden floor (source : Unsplash)

The dark wood is in stark contrast to the Korean-style interior of the house. That is why you should use floors and furniture made of wood that are bright in color. One type of wood that matches the Korean feel is pine wood. Brightly colored furniture and wooden floors will make your home feel cool and comfortable.

Maximum Natural Lighting in Home Interior

Natural Lighting
Natural Lighting (source : Unsplash)

It’s not just the soft-tone artificial lighting system that’s synonymous with Korean-style homes. You also have to maximize natural lighting in the interior of the house. Try to place the large windows towards the rising sun. You can also rely on skylights to maximize natural light into the interior of the house. The beauty of the interior of the house will stand out more if it is supported by an adequate natural lighting system.

So, don’t you have any question if you want to apply a combination of modern home interiors with the culture of the Korean style? A home that is comfortable and simple in style will certainly make you and your family always feel at home.