Elements That Must Be Considered For Your Bedroom

Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom is the most comfortable place to relieve fatigue. Sleeping soundly and comfortably is very important for physical and mental health. One element that determines the quality of sleep is the bedroom. In addition to a comfortable mattress, you also have to consider the atmosphere and what elements should be considered. Here are some bedroom furniture that you can add to beautify the room and add to the comfort of your room.

The element that must be chosen for the bedroom

Besides the mattress, you need some items needed to support your bedroom so that the terra is more comfortable to be installed in it. Making sure other items such as sheets, pillows and blankets are comfortable to use are also important.

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Kaloka Wicker Bed
Kaloka Wicker Bed

Of course the main thing to consider from the bed is the comfort and type of the mattress itself. Do you use spring bed or maybe you are more comfortable using a foam type.


Pillow (image source : amazon)

Mattresses that pull the pillows are something beautiful. But how many pillows that adjust to the needs and functions for your room. according to experts, the bed must have two to six pillows on the mattress. But back to the needs and the size of the mattress itself.

Bed sheets

Bed sheets
Bed sheets (source : nbcnews)

A comfortable mattress will also be equipped with blankets, blankets and sheets. Choose material that is comfortable for you. whether it’s cotton, wool, silk or linen according to taste and comfort. Don’t forget to match the model and color to keep it looking attractive combined.


Rebon Floor Lamp
Rebon Floor Lamp

Nice and comfortable rooms also need adequate lighting. Start with overhead lights, whether it’s a recessed ceiling lamp or even a chandelier. Especially if there is a desk to study or work in the room. Of course it needs adequate lighting. The light source in the room must also be able to blend and not stand out, this also sometimes focuses on the heart.

Care of the ceiling

However, many do not realize it, but it turns out the ceiling is also very important. When lying on the bed, surely you will immediately look at the ceiling of the room right? Use attractive colors or cat wallpapers for the ceiling of your room.


It’s incomplete if the room has no window. Help to soften the room and help. In addition, the window also functions to help change the air in the room.


Wicker Carpet
Wicker Carpet (source : pinterest)

The presence of carpet can make the first step out of bed feels more comfortable. Certainly it will be very different if your room is not equipped with carpet, the room will look stiffer. The size of the carpet really depends on your taste. Some experts recommend using a 9 x 12 size for a king size bed, but you can consider it according to your taste and needs.


Moon Rattan Lazy Chair
Moon Rattan Lazy Chair

Chair also become items needed for each room. You can use your seat to enjoy your coffee in the morning the compilation you just want to laze around in the room.

Some elements that you need to know for your bedroom. Is your room already complete with the element above or do you still need some other items to complete it? Rattan Indonesia is one of the producers of natural rattan and fiber. We sell a variety of furniture at wholesale prices. If you are looking for partners for rattan and natural fiber products, you can contact us!