How to decorate a child’s playroom? Here are the tips you need

decorate child's play room

Playroom might not be too important for every home. But if your child is already present in our midst and starts to enjoy playing, then we can prepare a room that will be used by children to play. Don’t forget to prepare Furniture like storage, kids table, kids chair, toys, baby cribs and so on. Here are tips on decorate a child’s playroom in the style of Indonesia Rattan as Kids Furniture Supplier.

Room Decoration with Appropriate Color Choices

The first thing that can be done is to determine the appropriate color to decorate child’s playroom. Try this room full of color but don’t overdo it. With the right color it can also make it easier for children to be creative and provide a maximum atmosphere of play for children. Contrasting and colorful colors are always the first choice, but as stated above, if the color is too high, it can make the eyes get tired more quickly. Choose accordingly and add some contrasting colors. And if the playroom is combined with a child’s bedroom, there are select pastel colors such as brown, green, and cream.

Provide Storage in the Room

Storage Monkey Set Series
Storage Monkey Set Series

By providing storage such as a small cabinet, cupboard or basket, it will be easier for parents and children to collect their toys when playing. Although free to play but make it neat again is a joint task. Storage or small cabinet is a must to complete the playroom. Because it is prepared for children, make sure the size matches the reach of your child. You can also see some collections and storage products from Indonesian children furniture supplier. Large and tall cabinets are also very dangerous for children. It could be that they climb and protect for their safety. Our advice is to choose an affordable and lightweight size.

Use Only Furniture That is Needed

Living Rattan Kids Furniture
Living Rattan Kids Furniture

In order to be optimal, your child needs enough space. Reduce furniture, so it can make your child move more freely. In addition, also complete the room with a carpet to minimize damage if your child falls. The carpet is the best choice and also very comfortable. If you have enough space, you can put a set of tables and chairs to learn, draw, or coloring, so they can feel comfortable.

Room Decor with Strong, Safe and Easy to Clean Material

The safety and strength of the furniture must also be a major consideration for decorating children’s play spaces to avoid carelessness which can be fatal to children. Make sure all the equipment in the room is non-toxic and has obtuse corners. Lightweight furniture materials can also be considered in terms of furniture selection. Apart of the safety material, is the ease to move it. Often parents rearrange children’s rooms with new concepts according to the needs, and desires of children. Another factor is in terms of maintain for furniture. To maintain of children furniture, it is very important, because every day or after our child play, we must immediately clean it. Of course we do not want to bother in caring for him, including in terms of cleaning it. For that we must choose furniture that can be easily cleaned. Just simply wipe it off, or with a soft cloth soaked in soapy water and water.

Create Play Zones as Needed

Tracey Rattan Doll Pram
Tracey Rattan Doll Pram

Although the main function of the playroom as a place for children’s creativity, but of course we have to make zones as needed such as avoiding the books covered by paint used by children when playing. Parents must set the play zone clearly. If the play room becomes one with bed, make sure there are no toys strewn on the bed after playing. Separate the areas where books are stored, tables for writing and reading, and other storage areas. And make sure you choose furniture that doesn’t really need a large space.

Let the Child Expression Art

Help your child to express themselves with art is also very important. Parents can add a board as a scratch for a child. This wall must also be easy to clean after the children have finished playing. one alternative that can be made as a doodle is the blackboard. Even though the child may not be able to be involved about his taste in the playroom, parents can start by asking about his favorite color, the character he likes, or the story he likes.

So, how? Have you been inspired and will plan to start decorating the playroom for children? If so, you can start to consider whatever needs to be prepared, furniture is one of them. Indonesia Rattan also sells various types of furniture for children that you can see here. Not only furniture, we also have rattan toy such as doll pram, doll bassinet, doll chair, and so on. If you want to ask a few things about furniture from Indonesia Rattan, you can ask us directly via live chat or in the contact us page.

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