How to Arrange an Ideal and Comfortable Dining Room?

How to arrange dining room

Dining with family is a moment that can be created everyday and anywhere, including at home. Not only serving delicious food, creating a comfortable dining room can make a family at home. Therefore, the existence of a dining room in every home is a must. Not only design, concept, color, dining room furniture selection and cutlery is an important thing. Certainly in accordance with the area of ​​the dining room.

These are some following tips for arranging the dining room to be more efficient and comfortable

1. Arrange dining room and kitchen into one

If you have a minimalist style house, you can organize your dining room and kitchen into one. A good choice to unite the room is to choose a matching material and color. For example you can choose colors with natural tone and furniture from rattan. Or you can choose monochrome colors with wooden furniture material. For other options you can use a high kitchen table to use as a dining table. You can add a bar stool to complete it.

2. Use natural color tones

Natural Color Tone

Natural Color Tone (img source :

Each color of wall paint can affect the psychological side of the occupants inside responds visually to the room. In dining rooms that tend to be narrow, we recommend using neutral color tones, such as white or pastel colors. In this way, the kitchen and dining room as if it would look more spacious and clean. In addition to adding shelves for decoration, you can optimize the walls in the dining room. For example, you can add your favorite wall hangings, paintings, or wall lights to the impression of a warm dining room. But don’t overdo it because it will make the dining room seem narrower.

3. Choose the right dining table

Rectangular Dining Table
Rectangular Dining Table

The dining table is a must in the dining room. You should know what type of dining table that you like. In addition, you must know to the shape and material of the dining table. For example, a round dining table gives the impression that the dining room looks more spacious and flexible. A rectangular dining table that can be used for 6 or 8 people requires a large dining room. Using a folding dining table can be a practical solution for those of you who want to optimize a small dining room. After finishing eating, you can fold and move the folding dining table easily.

4. Choose comfort dining chairs

Rattan Dining Chair
Rattan Dining Chair

In addition to the dining table, choice of dining chairs must also be considered. In a space that is not too wide, minimalist furniture such as minimalist dining chairs with a simple design can be an alternative. You can also use a bar stool or bench to save space, and you can put it under the dining table. If you have a fairly large dining room, you can choose a dining chair with a rather large shape, adjusted to the dining room concept.

Now, are you ready to arrange your dining room to be more comfortable for dining with family? We are always ready to help to realize the dream home with beautiful furniture, from building beautiful interiors to provide quality furniture. We also have a collection of other furniture to complement your home.