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Mix and Match: Wicker Furniture

Mix and Match Wicker Furniture

According to oxford dictionary mix and match means select and combine different but complementary items, such as clothing or pieces of equipment, to form a coordinated set. Mix and match are very common for fashion but here let’s talk about mix and match furniture more specific in the term of wicker furniture. Indonesia furniture is famous worldwide […]

Natural Cane Furniture as Part of Indonesia

Natural Cane Furniture as Part of Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the best tropical country in the world. You can see all beautiful nature and environment in here like beaches, forests and volcanoes.  You can life only using natural resources and even a song said that fishing rod and net are enough to survive. It means that Indonesia is very wealthy for […]

Rattan for Modern Cafe? Why not!

Rattan for Modern Cafe Why not

Imagine you are sitting at a cafe with a cup of tea or coffee at nice interior cafe. It built with modern design but the interior is made from natural rattan. It became interesting look for cafe that cafe, because usually rattan only suitable for cafe or restaurant around coastal area. Now days, rattan furniture could be combine […]

Improving the Value and Quality of Hotel Interior with Rattan Furniture

Improving the Value and Quality of Hotel Interior with Rattan Furniture

One of the characteristic of modern lifestyle is the high level of activities, mobilitiy, and all the work should be done in an instant and relative short time. This kind of life style is the factor of high stress and depression cases in our society, particulary for the person who live in metropolitan city. That’s […]

Time After Time: Natural Rattan Furniture for 2017

Time After Time Natural Rattan Furniture

Design and furniture models are various type. In this new era like nowadays, we all know minimalist furniture style. Even though, some of classic style still popular, but still need little modification to be suitable for size and models. Because today, people need smaller size for smaller space. Long time ago, people easy to find […]

Winter is Coming

Winter is coming

It’s already end of the year, and winter season is coming. In 4 season area, the days become shorter and the light fades, and it’s begin cold outside. And while shopping for new home furniture, it should be perfect to reflect the season can be fun. Please do warmth your place with your home furnishing that […]

Rattan Furniture for Minimalism Home Design

Rattan Furniture for Minimalism Home Design

Minimalism home design is being well known recently. This design is inspired by the Japanese lifestyle. The idea of minimalism design is minimum of using furniture and details for creating peaceful and relax atmosphere in the home. The interior of minimalism design has some characteristics, that is: opened rooms with minimum partition; the use of […]

Invitation, WISANKA on IFEX 2017

IFEX 2017

WISANKA on IFEX has been held on 12 – 15 March 2014, which was featuring a variety of furniture from the wood, rattan, and bamboo to the living room, the dining room, a bedroom, the family room, furniture and children. IFEX fully supported by the ministry of trade, the ministry of industry, cooperatives ministry of […]

Friendly Natural Rattan Furniture for Your Pet

Friendly Natural Rattan Furniture for Your Pet

The Journey and history of natural rattan furniture is started long time ago. Because of its unique character and excellences, rattan is never been knocked out from the interior and furniture industry.  With each passing years, the development of rattan is very fast and become one of the most popular furniture. Even the growth of rattan is […]

Invitation, WISANKA on TEI 2016

TEI 2016 Wisanka

Welcome to the 31th Trade Expo Indonesia. The event will showcase best Indonesian export products ranging from industrial, mining, agricultural to Craft sectors, which will be held on 12 – 16 October 2016 with location at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta. Wisanka, as one of leading furniture manufacturers in Indonesia will be participated in this event. […]