Rattan for Modern Cafe? Why not!

Rattan for Modern Cafe Why not

Imagine you are sitting at a cafe with a cup of tea or coffee at nice interior cafe. It built with modern design but the interior is made from natural rattan. It became interesting look for cafe that cafe, because usually rattan only suitable for cafe or restaurant around coastal area.

Now days, rattan furniture could be combine with any design interior. You can put rattan barstool for your modern style cafe. Or small rattan basket on every corner of your cafe. Another idea is, you can put rattan sofa 3 seater with comfy cushion at some spot.

For Rattan furniture, not only made with full rattan. You can combine rattan furniture with iron, wooden, or synthetic. So, to upgrade the look of rattan furniture from classic style to modern simple style, you can combine rattan with iron leg for arm chair. Another idea is, you can combine natural rattan barstool with wooden industrial style bar table.

Of course you can use rattan furniture for your modern lovely cafe project. It would be amazing combination!