Choose rattan and natural fibers furniture for your home and see the difference!!

Choose rattan and natural fibbers furniture for your home and see the difference!!

Your home is a special space you cherish. It is also a heaven with the peace and purity you desire for. Therefore, how you choose to embellish your home is an important question that everyone has to face. Furniture plays a prime role in the way you lay out your home.

Indonesia rattan is full of the beauty of nature. Rattan furniture reveals our thought of “the beautiful life”. With natural rattan, your home will be convulsive with natural appeal. Ever since it was first woven into the form of furniture, rattan has been the primary selection of those who wish dignity and stylishness. Market of rattan furniture has been regularly increasing over recent years. What makes it such an important part of the furniture market? Although there are many rattan furniture pieces in the market, the most preferred cane furniture is that which comes from Indonesia. Rattan is actually one of the 600 species of palms that is extensively used for furniture and baskets in Asia and Africa. Above all, Indonesia rattan brings the peace and concord bestowed by nature to your home.

Indonesia rattan brings life back into the living room. It is beneficial for your bodily and mental health and good for the atmosphere as well. These exclusive properties mean that it is suggested by a number of specialists and designers. With natural rattan, outstanding quality doesn’t essentially mean a high price. It is not only for the rich and influential. For those who know the value of quality in life, rattan furniture is readily available.

Rattan has a long validity as compared to fabric and leather furniture. Generally, Indonesia rattan furniture can be used for 20 to 25 years, whereas fabric furniture lasts for only 3 to 5 years and leather furniture from 6 to 7 years. In actual fact, if you make an effort to sustain it, rattan furniture can last over 50+ years. Additionally, though there are 20 to 25 procedures involved in making rattan furniture, you only have to wait about 26 days after making an order for a custom piece for delivery. The rattan in your furniture is imported from Indonesia, and it is painted with hi-tech water based paint. The paint keeps the rattan furniture safe from pests and going mouldy.

Tips to keep rattan furniture in top condition:

How long rattan furniture lasts depends on maintenance you do. Customers can pursue these tips to keep their furniture in top condition. Firstly, keep your Indonesia rattan furniture out of direct sunlight. Semitransparent chiffon curtains will do the job. Curtains add to the romantic atmosphere, and they protect the rattan furniture from fading. Secondly, remember that water does serious harm to rattan, so clean the furniture with great care. Use a vacuum cleaner, and then wipe the rattan with a cloth dampened with salty water. Last but not least, you should bear in mind to mop it over with a dry and soft cloth. Thirdly, the effort on preservation should be maintained constantly. In terms of air humidity, rattan furniture preservation seems to be more difficult in summer, compared with spring, autumn, and winter.

After buying a satisfying set of rattan furniture, what we need to do is to select suitable adornments to match them. Don’t forget the decoration, it matters a lot! United with the correctly ornaments, rattan furniture can seem like an artwork broaden across your whole house. On the whole, if the rattan furniture is of golden brown colour, it’s better to buy decorations of the same colour. Bright and vibrant fabric decorations are also a wise choice, to give your home that obsessive Southeast Asian flavour. If the rattan furniture that you choose is pale, white decorations will enhance its wholesomeness and simplicity. Natural and gentle rattan brings the peace and harmony of nature into our houses, as part of your balanced, holistic lifestyle.

The main advantages of Indonesian Rattan Furniture are: 

Life expectancy: Unlike real rattan, which can fade in the sun, or crack from the extreme cold of winter, PVC Rattan furniture is designed to withstand the heat and cold, meaning you can leave it outside all-year round.

Easy to care for: Another reason that experienced chooses Rattan furniture is because it is very easy to care for. Plastic PVC furniture is not going to be eaten by bugs and you don’t need to spend time polishing it, just a wipe down with a damp cloth is enough to keep it clean. This saves you a lot of time, which you can better spend enjoying your garden.

Strong yet light: Since Rattan furniture is much lighter than real wooden furniture. This makes it much easier to lift and move around, meaning that when the BBQ is finished you can easily put it back into storage yourself – without needing to ask the neighbours to help! This makes Rattan furniture ideal for the elderly. At the same time Indonesian PVC Rattan furniture is much stronger than normal rattan and keeps this strength with age. This greatly adds to the life expectancy of your furniture and helps protect it against rough treatment from children or pets.

Huge selection to choose from: Indonesian rattan has greatly increased in popularity in recent years and there is now a huge selection available to choose from. Just by spending a little time on the internet, you will see that Rattan furniture is available in so many different colour and styles. It is certain that you will be able to find something to match the distinct feel of your home. Some manufacturers will also allow you to customize the colour of your furniture. Want to give your home furniture a different look to match the moods? Why not buy several sets of different coloured cushion covers. You can change these as the year goes by to completely change the character of your furniture!