Winter is Coming

Winter is coming

It’s already end of the year, and winter season is coming. In 4 season area, the days become shorter and the light fades, and it’s begin cold outside. And while shopping for new home furniture, it should be perfect to reflect the season can be fun. Please do warmth your place with your home furnishing that brings warmth and coziness ambience. To make it easy use of whatever natural element to pick.

You can adding simple rattan rocking chair at your living room spot. Natural rattan material will bring nature and warmth ambience, also giving coziness. You can enjoy a cup of hot-tea in your living room sitting at warm-lovely rattan lazy chair with stool. If there’s one sad thing to say goodbye to at the end of summer, it’s about how fun sitting and enjoy the sun light at your patio. But still,  for your patio you could enjoy little sun light with your puppies sitting at rattan kubu arm chair. If you worried with your rattan furniture, you can add a rooftop, whether you choose a permanent, year-round construction or a seasonal canopy. But actually it is still ok for rattan furniture to be outside in winter season. To completed your winter season you can add some ‘Fairy tale lighting’ inside and build a small fireplace outside your home. In winter can be toughie without much sunlight to keep you company and portal lighting systems are a great way to add a bit of life to your home.