Mix and Match: Wicker Furniture

Mix and Match Wicker Furniture

According to oxford dictionary mix and match means select and combine different but complementary items, such as clothing or pieces of equipment, to form a coordinated set. Mix and match are very common for fashion but here let’s talk about mix and match furniture more specific in the term of wicker furniture.

Indonesia furniture is famous worldwide because of two things, teak wood and wicker or rattan. Many articles explain about teak wood furniture but here let’s take a look what is wicker rattan furniture related to mix and match. A style of Indonesia furniture introduces since 1970an is combination colonial style with carving and big shape. The most phenomenal furniture art in Indonesia is Gebyog, home decoration with a double function as a front door. Full carving with huge size is not happening right now. Simple, clean and unique are the key to follow the furniture trends right now. Therefore, you can choose natural rattan furniture with mix material.

Nowadays, rattan furniture looks more elegant with combination material like iron, aluminum, PVC, or even natural fiber like water hyacinth, abaca, banana, and sea grass. Indonesia designer is starting to explore more material on their design and its very help for Indonesia wholesale furniture to market rattan furniture wider. The right mix material matching with the design will bring a new variant product hopefully will bring rattan industry to the worldwide market and bring more value to the product.