Why We Love Wicker Furniture?

Why We Love Wicker Furniture?

Many people mistakenly believe that the furniture is made of rattan and wicker furniture – this one in the same. But this is not true. In fact, they are not even from the same category. Wicker is a material from is a fiber-coupled to form any shape. Usually wicker made from plants, but plastic fiber can also be used. The most popular material for making wicker furniture is rattan besides bamboo, any other natural fibers and plastics fibers. Wicker furniture basically handmade from wickerwork artisan, even for basic wicker furniture is not that hard to create but still  there is no machinery for making wicker furniture even in a big wicker manufacture. Based on that,  wicker furniture has been special furniture for a long decade.

Wicker Indoor Furniture

Another common misconception is that wicker furniture, rattan furniture only for use outdoors or on the patio. This is definitely not the case. From living room to bedroom, from bathroom to dining room, wicker furniture is could be stylish indoor furniture. No matter what kind of material we used for, wicker furniture is not hard to be places in any room of your home. More special you could bring natural-organic coloring and textural to any space, even colorfull wicker furniture is not bad idea anyway. For this kind of furniture, you can use all kind of materials. Because indoor furniture will not directly expose with sun lighting/heating, rain or changing weather. So, you could use natural rattan, natural fibers, bamboo even more synthetics plastic fiber.

Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Wicker furniture become the most popular item for outdoor furniture. Just because, wicker furniture is suitable for nature and patio ambience. Usually wicker furniture will be place in terrace or backyard. The most important things for outdoor furniture is the lifetime of the item. How you keep your outdoor furniture looking like a new for long time, and prevent your outdoor furniture from heat, cold and after damage. Especially for wicker furniture, you just can use synthetic/ plastic fiber material for outdoor furniture which has been coated with hot, cold and water damage prevented.

So, there is no reason to not love wicker furniture. You could even places in every room and in any condition depend on the material made from.