What is Miscellaneous?

What is Miscellaneous?

Miscellaneous is a consist of a variety of ingredients or parts, or having a diverse characteristics or appearances.

In Wirasindo Santakarya Rattan Solo Division, we have Miscellaneous Item. We categorized that item to miscellaneous is base on emphasizes the idea of the mixture of things of different kind of function. Our miscellaneous item consist of drawers, mirror, bed set, and home décor. All miscellaneous item is made from our specialty natural fiber material, such as water hyacinth, sea grass, banana leaf, and abaca leaf, combined with wood and iron.

We provide our miscellaneous item follow with our identity as a manufacture furniture, we produced naturally from nature and combined with modern and unique design from our professional R&D team.

Found our diverse design of furniture and home decor that affords comfort and esthetic for your home. In intention add complement item is to beautify your home with our lovely miscellaneous assortment furniture. Give your finishing touches in every part of your comfort zone.

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