Our Eco-Friendly Furniture

Eco Friendly Furniture

Look around on your home furniture. It must be almost 80% using a material made from wood, starts from the living room, dining room, bedroom and to the backyard. Wood has become an important commodity in our world Furniture, and because of that with highly market demand it affected of forests in Indonesia. Our concern in recent years is Indonesian forest fires.

Then what should we do as an Indonesia who appreciated our natural resources. We are PT Wirasindo Santakarya proud to be Indonesian furniture manufacture who concerned about the conservation of nature, especially forest land in Indonesia. Here’s the reason why we call our products are Eco-Friendly Furniture products:

  1. Legal Wood Certificate. Certificate for the industries who want to export the product aboard. The furniture should consider maturely solid wood used to produce furniture products.
  2. Trees 4 Trees Community. Empowers local community who wants to increasing the area of community planted and owned forest, livelihood assets are created and renewed the environment.
  3. Rattan material. Natural Rattan is one of palm varieties which are commonly planted in Southeast Asia. We produced natural rattan furniture combined with modern design.
  4. Natural Fiber. Natural fiber came form part of planted, and natural fiber material for furniture consists of some planted. We produced natural fiber furniture made from Water hyacinth, Sea Grass, Banana Leaf, and Abaca leaf. Our natural fiber furniture gives a natural ambience and elegance at the same time.

All above not only to provide our Eco-Friendly product, specialty in rattan and natural fiber for Importer furniture and wholesale furniture, but also to proving our existence for environmental sustainability in Indonesia. So, what are you waiting for?

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