Rattan Shelves Recommendations That are Suitable For Use in California

A shelf is a place that functions to store items such as storing clothes, books, office files, documents or other household equipment. Shelves are an essential piece of furniture in the house. With shelves, our homes will look neat, and shelves can be used as home decor.

Today there are a huge number of types of racks. If differentiated based on the material, there are several kinds of shelves, such as rattan shelves, iron shelves, wooden shelves, glass shelves and plastic shelves. But what we are reviewing this time is the rattan rack. The rattan rack is currently starting to be ogled by most people. Many people from the United States, Australia, and other European countries. One of them is California. California is a state in the United States that has a long coastline, directly adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, furniture with a coastal style, such as rattan furniture, is very much used there. Like the rattan rack, which is a favorite of people in California.

Rattan Shelves for California

The following are some recommendations for rattan shelves that match the California ambience

Indah Rattan Wardrobe

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Indah rattan wardrobe comes in black edges color frame, boasting a natural tone, it creates a charm and provides a unique touch to any space. Perfectly on-trend but with a timeless quality, this arc top closet will make a statement in any room. Two doors reveal 4 shelves to offer you ample storage spaces for your clothes, hats, pillows, and more while four drawers enhance the practicability.

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Sahara rattan shelves

Sahara Rattan Long Cabinet
Sahara Rattan Long Cabinet

The elegant Sahara Rattan Shelves a gorgeous addition to your loungeroom, dining or entry way, crafted from natural rattan and rattan webbing weave in Indonesia. With its two doors that allow easy access, the cabinet offers ample storage. The leather on the handles is the final classy touch that completes the look.

Sama rattan open shelves

Sama Rattan Shelves
Rattan Shelves Sama

Sama rattan wicker shelves is an attractive accent that brings a warm and eco-friendly atmosphere to your home. The Sama Rattan Shelves feature 3 shelves and is made from sustainable natural rattan. With a beautiful curved top, the rattan rack will beautify any room – offering both practicality and style.

Liam rattan shelves

Liam Rattan Bookshelf
Liam Rattan Bookshelf

To create each of our exclusive Liam rattan bookshelf, natural honey-hued rattan is bent and woven by artisans in Indonesia into gorgeously swooping curves. Featuring intricate details, these stunning pieces offer airy yet sturdy shelving with warm boho style. It’s equally at home on an airy casual porch or in a cozy Bohemian living room, it works well in a laid-back playroom or in a formal contemporary room.

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Some of the items above are recommendations for rattan shelves that are suitable for use in California. If you are interested in the design and want to buy in bulk, you can contact our marketing team to get a special offer.