Wholesale Supplier of Wicker Baskets in the United States

Wholesale supplier of wicker baskets United States

Wicker baskets are accessories or home decorations that are found in almost every home. Because wicker baskets have several functions that can be utilized. Wicker basket can be used as a laundry basket, as a place to store towels, blankets, children’s toys, magazines, and several other items.

As one of the wholesale supplier of wicker basket baskets, which is one of them in the United States. Some of the reasons are that woven baskets are stronger and more durable than plastic baskets. In addition, wicker baskets are also eco-friendly and have several unique and beautiful designs, making your home give a boho atmosphere to your home.

The Most sought after wicker baskets in US

The following are some of the most sought after wicker rattan baskets in the United States. This rattan basket is a rattan basket that has been ordered wholesale by several basket retailers in the United States

Riveira wicker basket

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Riveira wicker storage basket, practical, stylish storage solution with sturdy handles for ease of movement. Each basket is carefully handwoven and made from a thick and sturdy bamboo. Its woven construction features three color finish that adds natural texture and charm. Each one of this bamboo basket is lovingly woven by hand and has two robust handles that make it easy to transport. These are very large sized basket.  Take your pick from our three available colour to suit any space, an essential for anyone with a real laundry basket.

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Reema rattan basket

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Reema hand woven baskets provide the perfect accent to any home or table setting with a tight weave, durable construction, with exquisite and impeccable quality. Woven from natural rattan which is natural and sustainable, our rattan round baskets come stained in a rich honey-brown and dark brown to provide a sophisticated and perfect finishing touch. Products are handmade and each piece is unique therefore slight variations and imperfections exist.

Fresia Round Bamboo Basket

Fresia Round Bamboo Basket Set of 3
Fresia Round Bamboo Basket Set of 3

These versatile handled Fresia round bamboo baskets look good anywhere in your home. Made of sustainable bamboo, the natural color will blend easily with any decor. Three sizes make this basket ideal for any space in your home. Attached handles make this round storage basket easy to carry when it is empty or full. This wicker basket is a popular choice for displaying a potted plant, storing pool towels, holding sports equipment, and in retail displays.

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Round Belly round laundry basket

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Round Belly round laundry basket comes in black color. These gorgeous interwoven wicker baskets are a lovely storage solution for your throws or even as a log basket. Each basket is carefully handwoven and made from a thick and sturdy bamboo.

Lilac basket

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Lilac round rattan basket makes an easy way to keep your space tidy in classic style. Perfect for stowing away extra towels, blankets, toys, and more. This bamboo basket apply sized to fit various items and accommodate a range of spaces. Woven construction creates a natural rattan. Side handles allow for easy transport from space to space.

Those are some of the many woven basket design models that are in demand by people in the United States. Some are made of bamboo and rattan. Coming in different colors, these wicker rattan baskets are not only functional, but also stylish. As a wholesale supplier wicker baskets in the United States. We always make sure our baskets are strong and of good quality. So that it will satisfy anyone who buys it. Let’s contact our marketing to get a special offer!

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