How to Choose Coffee Table For Your Living Room? These are several models Of Coffee Table

Coffee Table - Living room furniture

We already know that coffee tables are must in a home. Why? Because coffee table becomes a focal point in a room, living room or family room. Coffee tables are usually used to put drinks or snacks if there are guests visiting or when chatting with family. It’s usually placed between sofa or living room furniture that surrounds it. Like being the center of the room, which is the main attraction. Therefore, it is better in choosing a coffee table design, adapted to the interior design of the house, so home interior and coffee table are match.

Arranging the living room, not always about how to find the right shape and model of the sofa. Or decoration that can give a feel and comfortable atmosphere, but how can we think of every detail, including the arrangement and choice of coffee tables. Here some models of our coffee table collection for your living room.

Sommerset Round Coffee Table



This rattan round table will set the tone for tropical coastal style in your living room. The rattan table is circular design creates a flow and softness sure to add another layer to your home personality. Suitable for a minimalist style house, because the design doesn’t take up much space. This table is also light to move if you want to move it. With glass on top, you can easily put a flower vase or mug on it.

Swenia Coffee Table

Swenia Coffee TableSwenia Coffee Table

This Swenia rectangular wicker coffee table has a rectangular shape. Both the right and left sides are made of water hyacinth and rattan. While the top is made full of blunt glass in every corner. Underneath is a wooden stand which can be an alternative to placing magazines or books. You don’t need to worry about the strength of this table, because all the frames use solid wood. Finished with antique glaze colors, giving the impression of classic and elegant. Suitable for homes with classic or vintage concepts.

Zeta Wooden Nest Table

Zeta Wooden Nest Table

Zeta Wooden Nest Table

Invite home a modern look with the Zeta  wooden nest tables in natural wood and metal, a handy addition to your living room. This stylish set of two nesting tables stays modern thanks to its mix of wood panel and a raw metal base, creating a contemporary two-tone look. coming up with an industrial concept this table has a simple design, but is suitable for homes with any concept, modern, classic, or minimalist. Nowadays, Nest Table attracts a lot of people, because it gives the impression of arrangement or wave.

How to set up and maintain coffee table?

For laying coffee tables, the recommended distance is at least 30-45 cm from the sofa or other furniture. With this minimum distance, the circulation movement between the table and sofa or other furniture will become easier and more comfortable. If it’s too close or too far, then the table and sofa users can feel uncomfortable.

It’s recommended, to always clean and maintain the cleanliness of the coffee table, it is intended that the stains of coffee or tea, do not linger, so that it does not leave stains. If the stain is visible and makes an impression, then the coffee table will look not beautiful.

You can see and choose the coffee table design that you like, if you want to be different, you can change it to your liking. If you want to design the coffee table according to your wishes, we also provide custom design. If you want to consult on home, apartment or office furniture whether with a minimalist, classic, or whatever design, you can directly contact us for the telephone number you can see on our contact page.