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Jute Rattan Baby Cot

Baby Cot is now one of the main needs for parents who are welcoming their baby. Many models of Baby Cot that is already on the market today. Starting from the vintage style to the modern style. The materials used also vary to make baby cot, starting from solid wood, plastic and what is currently trending is natural rattan. As supplier rattan cot we have exported it to several countries, and most of them are Australia. Lots of rattan cot is marketed wholesale to big Australian cities such as Queensland. Rattan cot designed according to the comfort and standard size of the baby. In terms of safety, there is no doubt about it. Made from natural materials and painted with coating that are safe for babies and children.

Rattan Cot has a sturdy design with side slats (the sides of the barrier), so your little one doesn’t fall off the side of the cot. Equipped with a special baby mattress that has a slightly hard or slightly bouncy cushion, so it will return to its place immediately when the baby is placed on the mattress. the mattress also fits the size rattan cot and not a single gap between the mattress and the slats.

Choosing a cot for a baby is not easy because expensive is not a guarantee that the cot is comfortable and safe for your little one to use. For those of you who want to sell rattan cot , we have supplied to hundreds of retailers. For more detailed questions, you can contact our marketing via live chat or click the contact us page.

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