Rattan Furniture Japan

Rattan Furniture Japan

Rattan furniture Japan – As a furniture factory from Indonesia, we have been exporting furniture collections to Japan since 2012 to wholesalers in Japan. In the beginning, we exported water hyacinth furniture products which were trendy in Japan at that time. As time goes by, we also export rattan furniture to Japan because of the high market demand there. Many Japanese people even today like rattan furniture.

Popular Home Decor & Rattan Accessories in Japan

Therefore, many furniture wholesalers in Japan import rattan furniture products from Indonesia, including from us. They admitted that many Japanese people are now aware of eco-friendly products that do not damage the environment. Our wholesalers in Japan don’t just sell our products to end users. According to them, there are also restaurant owners who are interested in rattan furniture to use for the interior of their restaurants. Many restaurants in Japan still carry a traditional concept, therefore they choose rattan furniture and water hyacinth furniture.

Supplier of rattan furniture from Indonesia

Rattan Chair Factory in Indonesia
Rattan Furniture Factory in Indonesia

Apart from furniture products, our wholesalers in Japan import many home decor products or home accessories from us. such as baskets, trays, mirrors, wall decor and various other rattan accessories. They admitted that our rattan furniture designs were very attractive. Apart from that, furniture wholesalers also admit that our products come at competitive prices, so they can get satisfactory profits. If you ask about quality, there is no doubt about the quality of our products. We have been around for more than 30 years, we always present high quality products. By using high quality materials, handmade by craftsmen, of course our products have added value and are sought after by many people.

Special offer for rattan furniture

So, if you are a furniture wholesaler, furniture shop owner or looking for furniture for a restaurant or hotel, you have come to the right place. Come on, contact us immediately to get our latest catalog and pricelist. Get special and attractive offers from us.

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