How to Choose The Right Sofa for Our Home?

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Buying and choosing a sofa is same as choosing a mate. We choose them many times but in the end we only choose the one that will be used for a long period of time. So when we are going to buy a sofa, we must choose the right one and consider it carefully. In choosing a sofa, we must consider the size, comfort and style concept of the house. Check out some tips for choosing the following sofa :

1. Determine the function of the sofa to be used as what the sofa is

The ideal sofa is not only eye-catching, it also be comfortable to sit on. However, will the sofa be used to welcome guests? Is the sofa used to relax with your family? Is the sofa used to lay down to unwind? The sofa used to welcome guests is usually a set consisting of several sofa sets and a coffee table and can accommodate at least four people. While the sofa that is used for relaxing is usually just one stretching sofa with soft material.

2. Adjust the size of the sofa with the size of the room

Before you go to buy a couch, first you should measure your room. For example, if you want to buy a sofa to receive guests, you should pay attention to the size of the living room, leaving space to walk and put the existing furniture. Choose the right sofa also has to pay attention to how to enter the sofa into the room, don’t let us buy a sofa, but it is difficult to enter it into the room. For this reason, measure the door first so that we can estimate the width of the sofa that can enter. Do not be tempted by buying a large sofa because of its comfort and soft materials. For smaller spaces, a sofa with tall legs and a slender shape is perfect for a minimalist space. Because it gives the impression of a wider room.

3. Choose the appropriate shape

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Lova Kubu Rattan Sofa

If you have a narrow living room, you should choose a sofa with the shape of the letter L. Because the L-shaped sofa has an open impression, and makes it easy to access. In addition, the L-shape sofa can also be a separator from other rooms. For a spacious living room, you can choose a sofa with a round or circular shape, because this sofa gives the impression of fully filling the room.

4. Choose the color and pattern of the material

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Laura Wicker Sofa Set

You will use the sofa for a long time, so make sure you like the color and pattern of the sofa. Choosing a pattern and color can be adjusted with other furniture that will be placed with the sofa, including harmony with the paint color of the walls and ceiling.
If you want to choose a neutral color, gray or ivory can be an option. Or if you want to provide another color, you can put some pillows with a patterned pattern.

5. Pay attention to the strategic layout

In buying a sofa, you must consider a strategic layout. Such as the occupants’ accessibility to the sofa, how far the sofa is from the door, stairs or other furniture. Lighting and air circulation must also be considered. If you like fresh air from outside, make sure your sofa is exposed to the light and breeze from the window.

6. For indoor or outdoor use?

Relaxing while sitting on the sofa is fun, whether indoors or outdoors, just drinking coffee. The thing that is no less important before buying a sofa, will it be used indoors or outdoors?
The answer to this question will lead you to the next consideration, namely choosing the right ingredients. The materials used for indoor and outdoor sofa use are clearly different. Indoor sofas prioritize comfort, while outdoor sofas prioritize material resistance to weather changes.