Furniture Wholesale Florida, United States

Furniture Wholesale Florida United States

Let us introduce ourselves as furniture wholesale United States, in Florida City. We offer a wide range of rattan furniture and wicker furniture  products at competitive prices. We ready to supply to a variety of customers, from wholesalers to hospitality businesses. Indonesian Rattan is operated furniture manufacturer that has been in business for over 25 years. We offers a range of modern, vintage, retro, and contemporary furniture products.

Kinds of Furniture Wholesale Florida

We offer a variety of furniture products, including living room, dining room, bedroom, kids furniture and home decor furniture.

Indoor Rattan Furniture

  • Rattan Sofa

  • Rattan Chair

  • Rattan Coffee Table

  • Rattan Shelves

  • Rattan Headboard

  • Rattan Mirror

Wicker Furniture

  • Wicker Chair

  • Wicker Basket

  • Wicker Drawer

  • Wicker Chair

We have competitive price that is one of the main benefits you buy furnitures from us. As a furniture wholesale company for Florida in United States, we offer lower prices than many supplier furniture. We also offer bulk purchasing options for customers looking to purchase large quantities of furniture, our minimum order is 1 x 20 feet container load, and you can mix the items.

We offer purchase furniture in bulk

In addition to our wide selection of furniture products, we also offers a range of services to their customers. We offer international delivery to various countries in world wide. One thing to note is, before you decide to buy our furniture, you can visit our physical or virtual showroom. Our physical showroom are in Cirebon, West Java and Sukoharjo, Central Java Indonesia. This allows them to offer a range of styles and designs to their customers, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

Overall, furniture wholesale for Florida is a well-established furniture wholesaler that offers a range of furniture products at competitive prices. Their wide selection of styles and designs, as well as their additional services like delivery and financing, make them a good option for those looking to purchase furniture in bulk or at a discounted rate.

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