Benefits of Rattan Rocking Chair

Jana rattan rocking chair

Some of you may argue, rattan rocking chairs are special furniture for the elderly. Not infrequently, this assumption often juxtaposes a rattan rocking chair with an old house and furniture. Because that’s where the elderly spend their time knitting or reading newspapers in the living room.

It must be understood, ratttan rocking chairs can now be used as home furniture elements that are rich in artistic value. Not only for homes with vintage or old school concepts. In fact, there are many modern rocking chair designs, even custom ones that can be adapted to the concept of your space. This means that users are no longer just the elderly. Whatever your age, you are free to use the rocking chair.

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The use of the rattan rocking chair itself is now transformed into a variety of functions. Starting from the means of relaxation, meditation, relaxing, or even healing therapy for those who have trouble sleeping. Here are a few things you should know about rocking chairs.

Some benefits of rattan rocking chair


Monet Rattan Rocking Chair Natural Color
Monet Rattan Rocking Chair Natural Color

No one can deny the pleasure of sitting and relaxing in a rattan rocking chair, watching television or looking at the back garden. Swinging the chair slowly back and forth, is believed to be able to create an exciting sensation, especially when done while occasionally closing your eyes. For this reason, it is not surprising that some people often refer to rocking chairs as “chairs”.

Some experts even suggest using a rocking chair as a means of meditation. When you’re tired of going through (perhaps) long days, sit down for a while in a rocking chair, then try to calm your mind. If necessary, place your rocking chair on the patio, garden, or any other location where you can easily see the movement of people passing by or the beauty of the garden.

Warm sunlight, fresh air, exposure to a light breeze, guaranteed to give a relaxing effect for the senses. Moreover, when juxtaposed with a cup of warm tea. As a result, the body feels more relaxed and free from stress.

Soothe Baby

Janna wicker rocking chair
Janna wicker rocking chair

Breastfeeding or just calming a baby in a rocking chair is believed to be able to stop a restless or fussy baby crying. The reason is, the rocking chair itself is able to provide constant and slow movement. Much like a mother’s cradle or sling, rocking a rocking chair eventually provides a sense of calm for the baby. In some cases, rocking chairs can even make babies fall asleep quickly.

The comfortable seat position can also be used as a comfortable place for the mother to breastfeed. Of course, you don’t have to worry about back pain from sitting too long. However, it’s a good idea to first consider your choice, because there are various forms of rocking chairs available on the market.

Lowering Blood Pressure and Risk of Diseases Due to Stress

Carvo Rattan Arm Chair
Carvo Rattan Arm Chair

As mentioned above, rocking chairs can provide a relaxing effect for your mind. Ultimately, this has an impact on physical health. At least, some medical studies have shown, relaxing in a rocking chair can lower blood pressure and improve breathing. As in some cases, the “shaking” of the rocking chair is also believed to reduce pain in the body.

Those are some benefits of rattan rocking chair you should know before buying a rattan rocking chair. It must be understood, now rocking chairs are sold in various shapes and motifs. If you want to know more about our products, you can click product page.