Syekila, Rattan Baby Bassinet are in High Demand in United States

Syekila Rattan Baby Bassinet

Exports of Indonesian furniture products after the pandemic are still positive, thanks to high demand from the United States. Especially rattan furniture, especially rattan baby furniture. Nevertheless, there are other things that the domestic furniture industry must pay attention to, namely a number of furniture trends in 2022 that are very useful for the continuity of the furniture industry’s operations.

The high demand for environmentally friendly furniture products has also contributed to the development of the production of local Indonesian craftsmen who work their handmade products. In the United States and Europe, in recent years, aluminum furniture has been abandoned because it damages the environment. Therefore, rattan furniture is the most sought after furniture in the United States market. One of them is this Syeklla rattan baby bassinet. Here are the reasons why the Syekila rattan baby bassinet is becoming popular in the United States

Why Syekila rattan baby bassinet popular in US

Natural Neutral Shades

Syekila Rattan Baby Cot
Syekila Rattan Baby Cot

With its natural color, this rattan baby bassinet creates a neutral and natural feel. This natural color makes your baby feel at home sleeping on it. Its simple shape is a plus for this rattan baby bed. The designs are also nature-based or biophilic and love nature.

Curved shape

Syekila Rattan Baby Bed
Syekila Rattan Baby Bed

Due to the 2022 furniture trend, there is a lot of demand for curved furniture. So we designed this rattan bassinet with a curved design at the top and bottom, accentuating a vintage feel like the 60s or 70s. Because Vintage style is becoming a trend in the 2022 furniture industry. Vintage is back in trend as the design world begins to look for more sustainable options in home décor.


This Syekilla rattan cot is also multifunctional, in addition to its main function as a baby bed, but can be used as a storage area for children’s toys if your child is older. For the quality is no doubt, can last up to several years. Can be used for his sister. The construction is also strong. Its ergonomic nature is certainly very popular, where its users do not only use furniture as a complement to the room but also as something that is comfortable for your baby’s daily activities.

That’s why the Syekila rattan baby bassinet is in great demand in the United States. Of course there are several other advantages, to find out you can ask our sales department via live chat or submit on the contact us page.

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