Trending Rattan Chairs in Darwin, Northern Australia

Rattan chairs are home furniture that is currently popular both in many countries. Because rattan chairs have many advantages that chairs from other materials do not have. One of the cities that are in love with rattan chairs is Darwin, Northern Australia. This type of natural rattan chair has very strong properties so you don’t need to be afraid of falling when sitting. Not only attractive and affordable, there are several advantages of rattan chairs that are necessary.

The advantages of rattan chairs :


Rattan DIning Chair
Rattan Dining Chair

You may often see restaurants or hotels using rattan chairs, because the rattan chairs are sturdy and lightweight. Hotels and restaurants have high mobility, so it is not difficult to shift and move rattan chairs. Although the rattan chair is light, the rattan chair can bear a strong load, because the rattan chair is sturdy. The material comes from nature. In addition, rattan can be made into wicker which has a high aesthetic value.

Affordable prices

Cepu Rattan Chair
Cepu Chair

Price is always a major consideration when choosing furniture, especially for items that are intended for a long period of time. Rattan chairs are priced quite affordable compared to wooden chairs. You can choose rattan furniture as an option compared to wood. Even though the price is cheap, the quality is not inferior to other furniture materials.

Easy to maintain

Vivi Rattan Dining Chair
Vivi Rattan Dining Chair

If you want furniture that is easy to maintain, rattan chairs can be the choice. Rattan wicker chairs are very easy to care for as well as resistant to water, mold and mildew. So you can store it outside even in the worst of weather and not have to worry about it breaking.

Natural Look

Silloncito Bohemian Rattan Arm Chair
Silloncito Bohemian Rattan Arm Chair

Rattan chairs have a touch of natural elements, perfect for those of you who carry a rustic, traditional or classic interior style. The natural color of rattan furniture is indeed a distinct advantage that is synonymous with a natural impression. You only need to align the choice of furniture with the feel of the interior of the house to produce a harmonious impression.

Some of the most in-demand models of rattan chairs in Darwin, Northern Australia

The flexible nature of rattan makes rattan chairs have many design models. Handmade rattan chair also has a distinctive woven shape. Therefore, rattan chairs are very much in demand and much sought after in Darwin. The market demand in Darwin for rattan chairs has increased in recent years. Rattan chairs can adapt to modern and contemporary styles, two styles that are currently very popular. This chair can be placed both indoors and outdoors. When used outside, rattan chairs can be accessories on the terrace or yard. You can also add accessories for sofa cushions to make it more comfortable.

Here are some rattan chair designs that are currently trending in Darwin, Northern Australia

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