Rattan Furniture: The Excess

Rattan Furniture: The Excess

In some country like Asia, Africa and a part of Australia or even America, relaxing on terrace or garden is a fun activity to spend our afternoon time. Savoring hot tea with snacks on rattan chair while enjoying view on your garden that is will help you to forget all the routine time on that day. Are you one of the people who have rattan furniture on your terrace and garden?

Besides teak, the most popular material for terrace furniture is rattan. This kind of material is not only strong but also environmentally friendly. Besides, we can get lovely shape of rattan frame as its flexibility and the weaving styles are awesome for decoration. Well, let us check why rattan becomes one of the most popular materials for furniture.

1. Environmentally friendly. Rattan comes from palm species growth in part of Asia, Africa and Australia or other tropical country. Growth fast and easy to get makes this furniture available with competitive price.  This material comes from nature without any chemical content on it so that is why its save for environment more than that is safe for workers and user also.

2. Cleaning easily. Rattan furniture is easy to clean only using water and soap are enough.

3. Flexible. The trunk is lithe so it is easy to bend. This flexibility bring into beautiful shape of design.

4. Unmovable. The shape tend to stabile not easily break.

5. Inexpensive maintenance. Rattan not needs expensive maintenance because if you keep it well and doing daily cleaning it will looks nice.

With all these advantages, do not be surprised if rattan were the first choice to beautify your home. Because no shortage of artisans in Indonesia that can create quality furniture from rattan. Complete your home with coffee table rattan furniturerattan living roomdining table rattanwicker chairs tablesshelves or drawers and bed rattan cane now.