Rattan Bassinet, Always Be the Choice in 2021 and 2022

Rattan Bassinet
When we talk about the cribs, there will be many choices that make us seem to want to buy all of them. All are good designed, cute and made with baby’s comfort in mind while sleeping. There are many different models to choose from for baby beds, ranging from wooden cribs, unpholstered baby beds, and what has become a trend in recent years is the rattan bassinet.

Why has rattan bassinet become popular in recent years?

For you who dont know, what is rattan? Rattan are included in the type of palm plant. This plant grows very fertile and grows very fast. So many people use it to make furniture. Because it does not have to wait long to use it as a material. Unlike solid wood, which takes many years to regenerate.


Back to why rattan bassinet is still a trend in the last few years, and it is estimated that it will still be a trend in the years to come. Even this rattan bassinet is still in the trends of many countries in the world. Yes, because in terms of price, rattan bassinets are cheaper than baby crib made of wood. The natural rattan is lighter, so rattan is easier to shape into various designs and curves. In terms of strength, rattan also has the same strength as wood. Hard, strong and durable can be used for a long time. Rattan can also be applied with various colors.

Why we choose rattan bassinet for our baby?

Ouval Rattan Baby Crib
Ouval Rattan Baby Crib
The rattan bassinet is also designed with the size of a baby, so it’s not too small and not too big. In every corner is also not made sharp, so as not to be a danger to the baby. With a variety of models, you can choose according to your wishes. Rattan bassinets are equipped with a comfortable cushion, so there is no need to add another mattress. With its light weight, you can shift it easily as you wish. If your baby is big, you can store it and use it again for a long time. Rattan bassinet is very suitable to be combined with various kinds of your home design concept. how are you interested in buying a rattan bassinet for your baby?