Rattan Doll Bassinet

Indonesia Rattan as a wholesale furniture provides a wide range of rattan doll bassinet collections from various designs and sizes. Our rattan doll crib comes in a variety styles. Our rattan doll furniture is suitable to be placed in the play room, kids room, nursery room, etc. To add a natural, cozy and fresh atmosphere. We’ve been exported rattan toys to Canada, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, Chile, Argentina, Japan, South Korea.

Rattan Doll Furniture 

Our rattan doll furniture handmade by craftsmen with high skills so the detail is neat and beautiful. We not only provide natural colors, but we also provide other colors such as antique glaze, honey, white wash, black wash, and other colors according to customer demand. For finishing, we use a water base system, non toxic, so it will be very safe. The selection of high-quality materials, makes our table strong, durable and lightweight so it can easily be moved. Maintenance is also easy. So you, no need to worry about being damaged quickly. We are very welcome if you have your own design, because we accept custom designs.