Cane Basket Wholesale

Providing your home with ample storage, our cane baskets are inspired by minimalistic coastal and boho interior. Focusing on clean lines and the earthy natural colors of the materials, you’ll love these baskets to use for storing your planter, laundry, to books and magazines. Our cane baskets are handmade with bamboo ropes twisted together in a way to create a unique basket with the holding capacity of utilities and small usable goods. It is reusable, lightweight and durable. Its rustic look goes along with its multi-utility and eco-friendliness. Our basket is made by hardworking and skilled workers who make these eco-friendly durable product.

Wicker Basket Manufacture

You can use rattan basket in living room for store : cushions, magazines, flowers, etc. In bathroom: Keep your soap near the tub or shower as per the utility. Even in nursery room : The basket is really soft and gentle made from natural cotton so that your children are safe and will really enjoy putting their stuff and taking them out. Use it to keep your kids' room organized. As a rattan furniture manufacture, we have ensured that all the baskets pass through rigorous quality check for finish and quality before being shipped.