How to Choose the Right Mirror?

How to Choose the Right Mirror?

Mirror is one of items that must be considered in a room. Because the mirror will make the appearance of the room more real, but in choose right mirror and placing it must be considered so that it fits the area of the room to be used. Apart from providing an aesthetic side, mirrors are also able to present a spacious and airy impression to a room. Mirrors can also make people feel comfort at home. Activities in the bedroom with a large mirror will make residents feel more at home. Likewise with the presence of mirrors in other rooms, the placement and installation of a proportional mirror in several rooms will make you feel more at home and comfortable in that room.

Here are some things to consider in choosing mirror 

Choose a mirror placement position

Mirror placement position

Mirror placement is also closely related to the expected mirror function. If you want a room that looks brighter, then you can put a mirror next to the window. However, if you want to create the illusion of a room, place a mirror across from the empty wall.

Pay attention to the proportions and shape of the mirror

Proportion and shape of mirror

A wide room can use a landscape size mirror to create the illusion of a larger and wider space. Meanwhile, for a tall room, choose a portrait-sized mirror to give the impression of a higher ceiling. As for the mirror shape, it all depends on your taste. If you like the Scandinavian design, the round mirror will be perfect for the walls of your room. Or if you like a classic design, you can choose an angular mirror.

Choose a mirror size

Mirror Size

Adjust the size of the mirror to the area of ​​your room, as well as the area of ​​the wall where the mirror will be placed. Choosing a small mirror on a large wall will look strange, but it is different if you combine several small mirrors on the wall in the form of a collage to create an aesthetic wall gallery.

After we know about the procedures to choose right mirror and placing mirrors and the shape of the house, it is hoped that it can make the room more beautiful and comfortable. To find out the various forms of mirrors you can visit our product page.


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