The Advantages of Rattan Chairs and Various Kinds of Best Selling Rattan Chair

The Advantages of Rattan Chairs and Various Kinds of Best Selling Rattan Chair

Home interiors with natural rattan are now becoming a trend, because the designs are suitable for various home concepts. Whether it's classic vintage style, modern style, or simple simple one. Rattan chairs can be the right choice to decorate the living room, family room, to the terrace of the house. This type of natural rattan chair has strong and sturdy properties, so you don't need to be afraid of falling.

Here we summarize some of the advantages of rattan chairs :

1. Light but sturdy

Rattan chairs are often used in hotels, resorts, or restaurants, places with high mobility. Because rattan chairs have a light weight, they are easy to slide or move. Even so, rattan chairs are still strong and not easily damaged, especially those made of natural materials. In addition, rattan chairs are also able to provide a natural touch and the webbing adds aesthetic value.

2. Easy to maintain

To clean a rattan chair, it is very easy. Due to the nature of rattan, it does not absorb water, for example the rattan chair is exposed to water spills. To clean it, we only need to wipe it with a dry, soft cloth. But if the dirt is stuck and dries up, we just have to scrape it off.

If the damaged part is on the webbing, you can simply replace the one on the damaged part, no need for all the webbing. To clean the small holes in the webbing that tend to be difficult to reach, you can use a soft brush.

3. Eco-friendly

Rattan furniture has been known for its eco-friendly furniture. This is because rattan is a plant that can be cultivated so that the supply of the raw material will continue without harming or destroying nature. Unlike wooden chairs, which need to cut down trees to get the raw material. And it will take several years for the trees to grow again.

Best Selling Rattan Chair

Rattan is flexible and easy to shape, so it has many design creations. In addition, this handmade rattan chair also has a distinctive woven shape so that it has its own character that is ready to give beauty.

Here are some of our rattan chair design products that are trending and becoming best selling

1. Peacock Rattan Chair

Peacock Rattan Arm Chair

Have you ever seen a rattan chair styled like a fresh peacock feather? Yes, many people call this chair the Peacock chair. This chair is very popular, for those who like classic style chairs.

Intricately woven detail this Rattan Peacock chair in a Natural color. Pair this flared back boo style woven chair with any home décor and turn a forgotten corner into a showcase. The Natural Rattan Peacock Armchair features over sized arm rests and a majestic, high-rounded back that resembles the awe-inspiring peacock plumage. Lightweight yet durable, this sustainable armchair will bring a tropical, exotic vibe to any setting.

2. Fanie Rattan Chair

Fanie Rattan Armchair

Bring a touch of tropical paradise to your home with this fresh modern design Fanie rattan armchair. The bright color allows the design to take center stage. This decorative wicker armchair lets you create a space that's all your own. Airy but sturdy with an embracing feel makes it perfect to curl up in. This rattan chair can also come in varius frame colors, natural, black and white. With the flexible nature of the material and the expertise of the craftsmen, rattan chairs, can look more fancy. 

3. Morocco Rattan Chair

Morroco Rattan Chair

Beautiful designs and manufactures the finest wicker rattan furniture in classic south-east designs. The Morocco Rattan Chair is the perfect vintage piece for relaxed, stylish living areas. The beautifully rendered wicker frame and comfortable cushion together form a chic accent piece. With the complexity of the webbing, it adds to the aesthetic value of this chair. These chairs are also available in various colors, natural, black and white.

4. Silloncito Bohemian Chair

Silloncito Bohemian Chair

Our Silloncito Bohemian Rattan Arm Chair will lend a laid back resort vibe to any decor. You will keep sitting comfortably thanks to the long-lasting pocket springs that support your body. Easy to keep clean since you can remove the cover and wash it by machine. Handmade by skilled craftspeople, which makes every product unique.

5. Diane Rattan Arm Chair

Diane Rattan Armchair

The effortlessly cool and naturally beautiful Diane rattan arm chair, the perfect statement piece for your living room. Made from rattan cane frame with rattan webbing combine to create a gorgeous, natural look that's right on trend and instantly impressive. Makes a fantastic conversation piece in your living room, bedroom, or even in a nursery for endless display potential with this wicker arm chair.

Are you interested in using a rattan chair after knowing all its advantages? If you choose a rattan chair, it should be used only indoors, keep it away from sun exposure and rainwater, this can make the rattan chair quickly damaged. To see more models and best selling of rattan chair, you can visit the product page.

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