Types of Rattan Wicker for Home Decoration

Types of Rattan Wicker for Home Decoration

Owning a home, you certainly want to create a comfortable and homey atmosphere. A house without decoration will make you feel empty, but if it is too much it will also feel claustrophobic and unsightly. Previously, you need to know that this comfortable house does not always have to be filled with a lot of supporting furniture or decorations that are expensive, but simple home decorations. Yes, you only need to choose simple home decorations that can create the illusion of an eye and are space efficient. The best choice for home decor is using rattan which gives a natural impression to the house, especially for shabby chic or boho feels.

The following types of rattan wicker for home decoration : 

Rattan basket

Lilac rattan basket

Lilac Rattan Basket

To add to the impression of feminine softness in the room, rattan basket is a good choice, it also has functionality. In addition to having a quality but quality price, these baskets are often covered with upholstery to make them beautiful and easy to clean. Suitable to be placed in the bedroom and family room. In addition, you can store small objects in it. You can also use this basket to place indoor plants, which can provide a cool atmosphere.

Rattan Mirror

Ratu Rattan Mirror

Ratu Rattan Mirror

A mirror with a rattan woven frame can be a concern while giving a more spacious impression in a narrow dwelling. Suitable to be placed in a natural living room or family room to give a warm and peaceful impression. Aside from being a room decoration, mirrors can provide reflection in the room.

Rattan Shelves and Cabinet

Liam Rattan Bookshelf

Liam Rattan Bookshelf

This rattan rack is suitable for decoration to display collections on the area above the office desk in the workspace or bedroom. The combination of natural rattan with iron or wood gives a natural and modern feel. This shelf can also be placed in the living room. You can choose a cabinet shelf, or a rack with an open rack model to give the room a more airy atmosphere. Of course, the size of the shelf is adjusted to the size of the room, so as not to fill the room.

Lazy Chair

Nuno Rattan Lazy Chair

Nuno Rattan Lazy Chair

This rattan wicker chair lounge is perfect for home furniture, because its function is to take an afternoon break while drinking tea. You can also spend time with family, not necessarily by doing outdoor activities. Sit back and chat or just watch a movie while sitting in a recliner. You can place this chair in the living room, terrace or bedroom. . When going to grandma's house in my hometown, childhood joy, or vacation memories with extended family. For added comfort, you can add decorative pillows as a backrest. In addition to making the neck less sore when sitting, the decorative pillows on the recliner can be used to sleep your little one if he is tired of playing.

Woven for small children's toys (kids furniture)

Kids Furniture

Rattan Kids Furniture

Rattan wicker is lightweight and safe, so many choose kids furniture to be placed in the room, for example, rattan children's chairs, children's rattan tables, children's mirrors, besides that children can also imagine when playing. This basket also functions as a place for dolls and toys made of rattan.

Set of plates for decoration

Reina rattan bowl

Reina Rattan Tray

Rattan wicker trays, bowls and plates can be a beautiful home decoration. Ussually a plate and bowl set for dining table, but you can dispaly as decoration that gives the impression of natural warmth. For trays, you can put various small knick-knacks for decoration. You can use the bowl as a fruit holder on the dining table or just display it as a decoration in the living room.

Rattan lamp

Bohemian Hanging Rattan Lamp

Bohemian Rattan Hanging Lamp

Woven rattan lampshade with a simple design that complements a sweet room. The models also vary from large to small, under the shadow of a warm lamp making the dining atmosphere more enjoyable. Apart from being lighting, lamps can also act as decorations that will beautify the interior of the house. This lamp also has various types, pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and standing lamps. For those of you who like a natural and simple atmosphere, a rattan lamp can be the right solution to create a tropical impression in your home. The rattan chandelier model now looks more modern and beautiful. You can combine rattan lamp in modern interior design to look attractive.  You can apply a rattan lamps in the living room, dining room, kitchen, family room and bedroom. To add to the beauty of the room, or install it in the bathroom to create a natural atmosphere.

That's a list of home decorations from rattan wicker. What rattan wicker for home decoration do you already have in your house? If you are looking for rattan furniture as a complement to your home decor, you can find it on the product page.



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